“There are shades of George Orwell's classic allegorical novel "Animal Farm" in playwright Henry Murray's profound seriocomic fable of animals plotting a revolt against their brutal treatment by humans. The animal characters impart incisive reflections on the foibles, insecurities, and redeeming characteristics of people, underlined by our need for emotional connection.” - BACKSTAGE: Critic’s Pick 

“Magically, through all the monkeyshines, Murray manages to bring us closer to an understanding of the exquisite pain of love as practiced by the human animal.” - VARIETY

“An opposable thumbs-up!” EyespyLA

“It’s not too often that you see an allegory these days, let alone one that actually works, but Henry Murray has pulled it off superbly in Monkey Adored.” - Curtain Up:

 “Both smart and clever.  A thought-provoking piece that stays with you” Talkin’ Broadway

"Frisky, unruly, provocative show" - LA Times

“Magnificently done.  Murray mirrors us all brilliantly here. Comedic, tragic and dark, Monkey Adored is superlative in execution, story and performance” - LA Theatre Review