“Henry Murray’s Treefall is the first new theological drama I can remember in a long, long time. It’s not unlike the kind of new play that used to emerge in the early years of London’s Royal Court Theatre — grimy, primal, heady, despondent yet inexplicably giddy-making for the sheer truth of the ache in its heart.” - Stephen Leigh Morris - LA Weekly 

“Though it’s billed as a post-apocolayptic science fiction, it’s really about human relationships. There is nothing science-fictiony about this play. Do not let the words “sci-fi” or “post-apocolayptic” dissuade you from seeing this amazing show. It’s a brilliant new work from Murray.” - EyeSpy LA

“Henry Murray's debuting play offers intriguing new spins on the futuristic-thriller genre. Exploring the efforts that three teenage boys make to survive—emotionally as well as physically—in a world decimated by climate changes and other sinister forces, Murray ruminates on the ties that bind us more than we might realize. Harrowing moments alternate with surprisingly funny scenes in a piece that smartly sidesteps nihilism at its startling resolution.” - Backstage West

“The most primal aspects of erotic attraction, and the dynamics of competition among siblings and parents, and even the foundations of civilization itself,  play themselves out in Henry Murray's post-apocalyptic drama, set on and around a mountain that's being scorched by a global warming sun, as modern civilization lies in ruins.” NEW REVIEW GO! – LA Weekly