Three Views is the story of love that endures to the end of life. An retired couple is forced to renegotiate their suicide pact when one of them becomes seriously ill. Parallel realties are interwoven and we examine the path not taken as three versions of the story come to different conclusions. Winner of the Woodward/Newman Drama Award for 2011/12 and the Holland New Voices Award. 


What if animals evolved to the point where they could talk, sit in cafes and carry on interspecies love affairs? What if they decided to seek revenge on the humans who have subjugated them throughout history? A hybrid of ribald sex comedy and action/thriller MONKEY ADORED was lauded as a “Critic’s Pick” by Backstage.


Named one of the Ten Best Plays of 2009 by the LA Weekly, TREEFALL is the story of three teenaged boys surviving in a world destroyed by global warming. They cling to the shreds of civility by playing Daddy, Mommy and Junior, but the game has worn quite thin. Then a stranger arrives with a terrible secret that changes everything.